Not too uptight, but still upright!



… is a Folk-Rock band from Tampere,FI that has been a delight for ears and sense of melody since 2008. The band was founded by childhood friends Anssi and Jaakko, when Anssi suggested to form a band that plays ” good-mooded rock”. Since then a tune after another has popped out of Anssi’s composing pen, each of which seasoned with lyrics from Jaakko and completed to near perfection by the whole band.

Work on the debut album started in 2009 when Anssi and Jaakko were still the only members of the band.. When the songs were ready and even the first studio sessions booked, started the hunt for a drummer, but Luckily the solution was already thought out. The stickman Markus from a progressive metal band that used (and still uses) the same rehearsal space got on board to get some change from everyday boogieman business.  About halfway trough recordings in early 2010 the band signed their first gigs and what place would serve better to lure in new players than Markus’s math-metal band. Along came Tuukka to play the bass. In a few gigs Tuukka proved himself as a visionary thumb artist and has been around since those days. Because the first album was completely self-produced it took it’s time to finish. At the final stages of recordings Olli who had been summoned as a session keyboardist for the album,  managed to whip out a set of tracks that impressed the rest of the band very much. Nowadays influencing as the bands quality police and certified recorder man, Olli had said in the studio that he would be willing to play with band live also and thus without any doubts he was invited to the band as a result of a legendary phone call. 

The debut album You Leave Traces in Clouds was a released as a humble digital copy late 2011. During these years Hope Shallows has been gathering loyal supporters touring around their hometown Tampere and a bit further away on some occasions. Latest rumors say that the band’s music has gotten positive feedback even from as far as Africa.  Now Hope Shallows has crawled out of their home studio after a long break  yearning to go live again. Composing and demo recordings for the second album has started and the plan is to have it released spring 2014.